Mission Minded!

God has really done a number on my heart lately.  A couple weeks ago I received a few more letters from some of my favorite boys in the whole world! The 2 boys that I haven’t seen in almost a year. The 2 boys I pray for every morning. The 2 boys who are farthest geographically but closest spiritually. I am talking about the two boys in Kenya, Africa. I miss Africa so much and really questioned God on why he didn’t open the door for me to go back this year.  I truely believe God gave me heart for missions and I am so thankful for that. So for me to question Him was foolish on my part.

So in the past few months my prayers have been centered around my heart for missions. Well God has really gave me a wake up call and it looks like this.

Growing up, I would hear about youth groups leaving the country to help people across the world and as much as I would of loved to do that in my teenage years I always asked the question… Why would you leave your country to help others when there is so much need here? I had always thought that I would love to do domestic missions.  I didn’t understand how people would be starving in our own backyard, kids parentless around the corner, sickness overcoming a hospital, people hurting just up the street and groups of people were leaving the country. Don’t get me wrong! I would leave the country tomorrow if given the chance to go but God reminded me of my young heart for domestic missions in the past 3 months. So my response to Him was… ya but I am not doing domestic missions and You sent me to Africa for a reason! So what now??? God being the patient one He is showed me one of the clearest signs I have ever seen! That light came in the form of Summit Community Church!

Though prayer and stillness God told me that I am on a mission. He got me to think how HE is the one who moved me to Texas two and a half years ago. He is the one that led me to help start Summit. He is the one that asks me to get up and teach those sweet 0-5 year old’s every Sunday. He is the one that gave me the heart for domestic missions and that I am on one. I have been on it for over 2 years now. It may look different than international missions, but it is one nonetheless.

When God got me to finally see this, I honestly had a small breakdown. How did I not see this sooner? What can I be doing better on this mission? What does Round Rock, TX need from me?

Summit Communtiy Church is coming into its 3rd year of having its doors open and we have done some phenomonial things. I can’t wait to see what he will do in me now that he has revealed to me that I am on the mission I have always wanted to me on since being a young kid.

Please be praying for Summit to do great things in 2012 and that we as a whole and I as an individual will be able to be mission minded in our own back yard of Round Rock, TX.



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I can’t believe it has been 2+ months since I have written a blog. Don’t think I haven’t wanted to but every time I go to write one I either can’t form my thoughts into words on a page or I don’t have the patience to battle my laptop keyboard which is missing the ‘A’, ‘S’ and ‘D’ covers that go over the buttons.

But with today already being the 2nd day of November..I decided it is about time I get an update out there for those who follow along.

First thing on my mind…. I am moving in 30 days. I have very mixed feeling on the move. Granted I am just moving down the street (sorry friends in Cali) but I have loved the family I have lived with the past 18 months and it will be hard to not be there everyday with them.  The time has come where I spread my wings and fly and attempt to use my life lessons to provide for myself again and so that is what I will do.  I am however super excited about where I will be living.  It is a cute little one bedroom townhouse. I love it. I also love all the stuff Myssi and I have gotten for it. We were Craigslist junkies there for a while.  My bedroom decor will consist of black and white zebra with a splash of Red. The living room will be a brown and robins egg blue! Oh man I have never been so excited to decorate.

In other news I am heading to LA to visit Danielle in a couple weeks. I miss this girl and I am so excited to go see Breaking Dawn with her and even spend a day a Disneyland! WOOT WOOT!

I am still at work so I am going to update you with what been going on with pictures now…. I will update again soon!

Tables Before


After... I LOVE THEM

My Beautiful and wonderful Aunt came to visit!

Myssi and I went to see So You Think You Can Dance on Tour!

We went to house of Torment! SCARY!

Had to say goodbye to sweet Saydie Girl!

Love these kiddos and there new baby Brother

I dressed up as my Friend Charles for Halloween



So excited for Red Cups to come out





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Last week in Photos

Love Him!


Yup that happened!

Mailboxes won




Love these 3



Davey and his snow cone


Cassia and her Bubble Gum snow cone


Love her!


Love those smile


"Miss Alicia.. Take a picture of out tongues"

First Rental Car


2nd rental car




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To start off… I don’t know who reads this blog. There is no way for me to track who looks at it so the only way I know that you read it is if you mention it to me or leave a comment. 

With that being said, this blog may be about you it may not… I will never know. 

Friendships have been a constant roller coaster for me since I was in kindergarten. I can think of 9 solid friendships since then that have had their highs and lows as all friendships do. However I carry with me a lot of pain from those relationships. Pain that I probably created that ultimately ended those bonds and to this day regret. In no way, shape or form am I trying to paint myself as the one who did no wrong. I will be the first admit to my mistakes and take responsibility for them.

Could I of admitted my mistakes 4 years ago… no!  Was I forced to 3 years ago… yes.  And since then I have done everything in my power to be  a better friend.  A friend who is honest, who cares, who looks past your flaws and accepts who you are, who tries to protect you, who just wants a friend back. Have I had my slip ups… yes. I am human and it will happen but it is how I react to those mistakes now that makes me different from the past. 

Which is what brings this topic to the forefront. I am good friend and if you can’t see that then I can no longer reach out my hand to you. Not when you keep biting it off or taking what is in it and and turning around and never looking back.  My heart is broken because you either fooled me,  lied to me, deceived me, tore me down, manipulated me and then made me feel like it was my fault. I have loved our good times of laughing and being good friends and I wish that was enough to be able to look past this hurt that is in my heart tonight.  

I have struggled with this topic for several months. Praying about past relationships that were damaged because of me and hoping that they know in their heart that I am sorry. Praying that those who took advantage of me know they can’t anymore and not because I don’t love them but because I don’t have anymore to possibly give. For forgiveness of my hurtful words or actions.  Praying that God will give me the words when confronted with a bad friendship that will be glorifying to him and not said out of anger or hurt.  Praying to continue to fight for the friendships that are healthy for all parties involved.

A once good friend used a good analogy- They are either weeds or seeds. They will either infect your whole life or help you grow in life. 

Well this is the time to get the round-up cause I will no longer allow you to infect my life. 

Know that I appreciate all of  my friendships, new or old. It helped mold me into who I am and I truly believe that.  I will always have a place in my heart for all  my friends past, present and future. 

Love always,


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Friday I received something I have been wanting so bad! It may seem small to some but it was HUGE to me!

I received 2 letters from 2 very sweet boys at Tumaini Childrens home. I miss all of those sweet smiles there so to receive letters instantly brought tears to my eyes. I was tearing up before even opening them.

The first letter I read was from Mr. Solomon!

He talked about his studies in which I have no doubt he is excelling! He is so smart and is well on his was of his dream of becoming a pilot or scientist. He made me laugh as he politely reminded me of the watch I promised him. Little does he know it is already on its way. His love for God was reflected in every word he wrote! I love this sweet boy and pray for him every day!


The next letter I read was from James!

Oh this young man is sure a character. I sent both boys a scrapbook with pictures of when I was there with them.  James wrote that he loves opening it and seeing all the big smiles.  When I was there, James told me he wasn’t going to get married until he was 30. I told him he better stick to that or if it changes he has to let me know. 🙂 well in his letter he said he plans to keep his promise and not get married until he is 30. He drew a couple pictures and ended with a simple “I love you.”

Thank you God for these kids and all the children at Tumaini!

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Spirit water!

Day 3 of nothing to drink but water.

Yall need to understand something! I HATE WATER! I don’t drink it unless I am DYING of thirst or working out. So for me to have a water bottle in hand at all times is very strange!

If I can start the morning with a few aspirin to help curb the withdrawal of caffeine (I am telling you I am an addict when it comes to coffee) I am golden for the rest of the day.

This water challenged has also turned into a spiritual challenge as well.  My faith has been tested the past couple months on several personal issues. I know that faithful road is not always smooth sailing and speed bumps are there and some are bigger than others. I also know in my heart that I have the most high God on my side at all times however when evil enters the mind it becomes one of the hardest internal battles.  I second guess decisions, people and life.  However my God is faithful and will always win! So my original plan when starting this water challenge was for a real surface issue (but still important) of unwanted calories. In the past 3 days, God has asked me to use it differently. Instead of thinking of my water as boring and not flavorful, I have turned it into a reminder of Gods love for me.  When I crave those high calorie drinks I will instead pray…

*For God to give me strength

*For my sweet youth kids who are giving up part of their summer to spread the word of God

*For Summit Community Church

*For my Mom, Dad and Sister and family in California

*For my “family” in Africa

*Praise God for all he is provided me.

*For the man I will spend the rest of my life with, where ever he is.

Isaiah 40:31
But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.

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Happy Birthday America!

I hope everyone had a safe 4th of July.

This year there were no big plans on the calendar today due to Texas’s banning fireworks but today ended up being a much needed day of rest. Seriously folks… I haven not had a down day in quite sometime. I know my body has been wanting one but time has been an issue. Well God orchestrated a perfect day for it today and I capitalized on it. My morning was spent watching the Casey Anthony Trial. THIS SUCKED ME IN! Between the rebuttal and the Judge’s thick southern accent it kept me pretty entertained. I am fascinated at the whole process. I am just glad I am not one of the jurors because they have a tough job ahead of them! Any way you spin a sweet little girl has lost her life!


The other half of my day was spent watching one of my guilty pleasures…One Tree Hill. There was a marathon on (like I said it was a God thing) and yes I sat on the couch in my comfy clothes until about 5 and watched it.

I then felt like I had to do something productive so I bathed our 2 chocolate labs, Jake and Saydie! That was about as much physical activity I wanted to do. So back to the couch I went and finished my night watching the Macy’s fireworks burst over the Hudson river in NY.

A much needed day… Thank you God!

Tomorrow will be day one of my 15 days of water. I realize I drink way to much calories. Between soda, sweet tea, milk, coffee (I wonder if sbux will mind if I roll through the drive thru and ask for a Venti Ice water) and an occasional alcoholic beverage my body is dying for more water.  I will keep you posted on how it goes.

Off to bed I go…


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